Regret is such a waste of time. Yet we’ve all felt it.

And I’ll bet the decisions you most regret involve NOT doing something.

Not asking that person for coffee. Not visiting that “dangerous” country. Not trying your own idea and escaping the typical drudgery of the 8am to 6pm office.

Oh, we can regret decisions we’ve acted on too, but those are fixable, aren’t they?

The ones we can’t fix are always at the top of the list at the end of our life.

I think Covid may have helped us in this regard, just a bit. It helped us slow down and see what our lives were, hour by hour, day by day.

It forced us to reexamine our commitments, and not just to work, but to the people in our lives.

So many people quit their jobs during the pandemic that it stunned economists.

Not all who’ve stepped off that ledge will be successful. That’s life.

If you take the risk and it doesn’t work out, take another. There’s not a limit on the number of decisions you can change or risks you can take.

Failure isn’t fatal, just as success is never permanent.

Don’t lie down tonight regretting NOT doing what your heart is begging you to do.

Life and love are always worth the risk.