Recognizing Ourselves

Is this who we want to continue to be?

We can justify it any way we want, and we do, over and over and over, while the body count mounts and we struggle finding ways to explain what our country has become.

We’ll hear what we’ve always heard. Guns don’t kill people, people do.

Maybe whatever drives this psychotic, muderous rage in our country, we can acknowledge that at least the carnage would be lower if we had to use baseball bats, or knives.

That was proved, ironically, in China the day before the shootings in CT. A crazed male Chinese malcontent attacked a primary school in China and stabbed 22 kids. All survived.

All the kids survived!

I think the 300 million guns we own, with 4 million new ones added every year, make it so much easier to slaughter on a mass scale, an available alternative to every psychotic who has easy access to one.

Why does anyone need an automatic or semi-automatic assault rifle in our country? If you can’t knock down your deer, or moose or whatever you’re shooting, with one shot, that’s on you, not the weapon!

In fact, why does anyone need a weapon that can shoot 13 or 15 or 19 rounds before re-loading? That’s not about hunting. That’s about killing people. Pure and simple.

But we’ll get the standard NRA line that when gun ownership is criminalized only the criminals will have guns.

And I’m starting to think, you know, there aren’t that many “criminals” who walk into a kindergarten and randomly slaughter 5 year-old kids.

So maybe we should take that chance.

Or just sit here again, voice our pain and outrage, shed some tears, and do nothing.

Is THIS who we are? Sadly, yes. Whether we choose to look at the mirror or not…

stop handguns

And until we can have a rational conversation about limits — on assault rifles, automatic and semi-automatic weapons, armor-piercing bullets 100-round clips — without the paranoiacs screaming about conspiracies to limit their 2nd Amendment rights, we’ll stay ranked #1 in the only category no other rational nation wants to win.

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