Rare And Valuable

You don’t need social media…


In a capitalist economy, the market rewards things that are rare and valuable. Social media use is decidedly not rare or valuable. Any 16-year-old with a smartphone can invent a hashtag or repost a viral article.”

“The idea that if you engage in enough of this low-value activity, it will somehow add up to something of high value in your career is the same dubious alchemy that forms the core of most snake oil and flimflam in business.”

“Professional success is hard, but it’s not complicated. The foundation to achievement and fulfillment, almost without exception, requires that you hone a useful craft and then apply it to things that people care about.”

“This is a philosophy perhaps best summarized by the advice Steve Martin used to give aspiring entertainers: ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’ If you do that, the rest will work itself out, regardless of the size of your Instagram following.”

“As you become more valuable to the marketplace, good things will find you. To be clear, I’m not arguing that new opportunities and connections are unimportant. I’m instead arguing that you don’t need social media’s help to attract them.”

Perhaps it’s my natural contrarian lean, but this all seems true to me.

The market rewards things that are rare and valuable.

And, Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Those two together are the keys to your success, so if you’re not working for a radio station that will let you do both, it’s time to leave.

You may be getting a steady check, but you’re not creating something sustainable.

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