Rare Air

Aiming high

Most of the ‘legendary’ air talent listeners remember fondly were not all that funny.

The air talent that becomes legendary has an ability to really connect with listeners on a deeper emotional level than other voices on the radio.

Not only are they able to make emotional connections with listeners, they aren’t afraid of connecting listeners to their own (often) buried fears, hopes and dreams.

They’re not afraid of daring greatly, of diving deeper than everyone else on the radio. By exposing themselves, their own vulnerability, they offer a lifeline of understanding to everyone else.

We don’t share those things with people who aren’t our friends. That’s not part of casual conversation with the person in line ahead of us.

It starts with that rare ability to make each individual listener think you are talking only to him/her. That zone of suspended disbelief allows a level of personal communication that is startling because it is so uncommon.

Do you have that gift?

If so, why would you squander it with inconsequential blather?

When you enable each listener to feel you are connecting with them on a deeper level than they connect with almost everyone else in their life, including spouses and parents and best friends, you are no longer replaceable.

Just like those legends you grew up hearing.

And tomorrow I’ll share an example of one way to do that.