Radio’s Rebirth

Did you see this report?

The Center for Media Research released a report last week that said:

According to the STRATA quarterly survey of media buyers, 24% of agencies’ clients are more focused on radio, up from 17% in the prior quarter. The number of agencies reporting they are spending less on radio is off by half, with 17% trimming radio budgets compared to 34% who said that three months ago.”

“The survey of adverstising agency buying teams finds fewer are cutting radio budgets, and client interest in the medium is growing. The report notes that the trop three media, television, internet and radio, appear to be the breakout hits of the advertising recovery.

You can get the full story here.

Let’s hope this means more radio stations are allowed to budget for growth, meaning a renewed commitment to weekly call-out, even for AC stations, to talent acquisition and coaching, and to an improved and more compelling web site product.