Radio vs GroupOn

Radio does it better

You’ve read about Groupon, the company that offers special deals via email to subscribers in dozens of US cities.

Like Pandora, this company is very skilled at PR and generating free media coverage. It seems like I see something about both companies every day.

But, as this article and this one too, point out, Groupon isn’t that great a deal for many companies that use its service.

It’s best for name recognition and trial, but it’s a loss leader.

Radio can do name recognition better and unless the product sucks, it’s not a loss leader, as most of your clients can attest.

How many names are in your database and listener clubs?

If you gave them the chance to sign up for a daily, or weekly deal, don’t you think that would be attractive, especially in this economy?

Of course, as with Groupon, these would have to be real discounts, not “value added” for some big buy, or a freebie for a good client. Your credibility is always at risk in this new connected world.

But unlike Groupon, you could make certain it’s a good deal for your client too, the way newspapers do with their manufacturer coupons.

I just think this is a natural for Radio.

If your station is doing something like this, let us know how it’s working.

As newspapers continue to die, coupons online become more valuable, and this has already become a billion dollar business for Groupon in less than 2 years.

Our industry is nuts if we don’t try to grab some of that money.