Radio’s Verbal Contract

Check it out…

The contract is pretty simple, really, and even after almost 100 years, it works:

  1. Play songs I want to hear and play them more often than songs I don’t want to hear.
  2. Introduce me to new sounds and artists from time to time so I don’t feel old and dated. Surprise me once in a while.
  3. Provide:
  • companionship, a sense of community, a reason to laugh — and occasionally, cry;
  • critical information when it is happening, even though you know that means I will immediately jump online or move to TV;
  • a true, personal connection between us every time I listen. I want to feel you’re talking to me.

    In exchange, I will put up with more commercials than I like (but not nearly as many as your station is running now. I might willingly listen to a few more if you’d take more time and care writing and producing them to be entertaining, like some of the Super Bowl commercials.)

That’s it. That’s our agreement.

The more you take care of your part of the contract, the more time I will spend listening to your station and telling my friends about it.