Radio Coupons

You are using them, aren’t you?


The redemption values carried by digital coupons in 2009 grew ten times faster than those of coupons printed in newspapers.

You can read the article and examine the data here.

You do let your advertisers offer digital coupons on your local web site, or help them design a web site for their business that does, right?

And you do offer special deals — special station-branded coupons to your most faithful listeners, which not only save the listeners money but prove station effectiveness to clients — on a regular basis, right?

Or, as the local marketing shop for all of your clients, you could have your technical people develop something like Target Mobile.

This isn’t new technology. I first saw it one day in a grocery store (Cold Storage) on Orchard Road in Singapore, back in 2000 or 2001, I think.

The point is, right now it’s a bonus. Soon, it will be expected.

How are you preparing for that?