Radio Comforts

It’s what we do

It wasn’t surprising to hear that local radio personalities have provided comfort to listeners all over Charleston, SC.

It’s what we do.

We provided therapy and reassurance during the 9/11 attacks.

We listened and cried with survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Oklahoma tornadoes.

We are offering a platform and a shoulder to those forced to endure the trial of the Aurora theater massacre.

We — Radio — are always there for our local communities. It’s what makes Radio special over every other form of media.

Real, live, human, interactive companionship.

A familiar voice reminding us we will stick together, rebuild, remember, persevere because that’s what survivors do.

All we need from those that own our stations is the same commitment to the towns we serve as we bring to the studio every day.

Pandora can’t offer it.
Spotify can’t offer it.
BEATS 1 can’t offer it.

And, sadly, too many radio stations can’t offer it because they’ve been designated as too inconsequential to company profits to support a local staff.

Let’s hope, as we always do, that something positive can emerge from the oceans of grief in our nation.

Radio — local radio personalities — will almost certainly be part of the catalyst if it does.

It’s what we do, when we’re allowed to.