Radio and COVID-19

What are you doing?


It’s the #1 topic in America, and in most countries around the world: COVID-19.

So when my good friend, Bob Wood, emailed me with these questions, I asked if I could share them with you:


What is radio doing re: Covid-19? Are there ‘editorials’ suggesting actions to be taken? Are personalities speaking about it?

What are stations doing to keep transmission of the virus down inside their buildings?

If one of the air staff contracts it, would others use the same microphone?

I may be an alarmist. I have high blood pressure and am ‘elderly’ (defined as over the age of 60 by the CDC) putting me in the highest risk category.

I am limiting my outside activities… no more exercising at the Y, quick runs for food and supplies, loading up in case I decide even that is unwise.

With so little testing, I feel and fear the spread is much wider and larger than we are told.

Will retail shut down? Will commercials still run?

It seems my VO biz has taken a huge hit this month and I think that’s why. I’ll be fine. I feel for those affected by it.

Radio can actually serve the public interest. Are they?


Well, are you?

Radio is at its best when tornadoes hit and floods occur, when community action is needed.

I’d love to hear more stories about Radio’s response to COVID. Please, share yours.

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