Quiet Courage

A reminder:


In every town and city in America — in every country around the world — there are stories of quiet courage playing out every day.

There’s the single mother who works two jobs every day to try to make rent, bone tired, waiting in her car for a box of groceries at the food bank…

The bus driver hoping each new rider he picks up isn’t infected, alert to every cough, each loud voice, forced to trust in his mask. He’s grateful for his job.

The ICU nurse pulling 14-hour shifts, dealing with the desperately ill, praying she doesn’t lose another life today.

Fact: nearly a third of American households are now in arrears on their mortgage or rent and evictions may soon skyrocket.
Fact: 54 million Americans will struggle to put food on the table this year. Food banks have never been so necessary in our nation.
Fact: 16% of FHA loans were delinquent in the second quarter, the highest level in records dating back to 1979.
Some of us need the respite that your voice provides, the energy and optimism we’re having trouble mustering for ourselves. We need a reason to smile and we’re looking to you to provide that today.
And, as has always been true, most of us just need to know someone cares…