Can you answer these?


  • Why is your station as it is, and why are you working at this specific station above any other?


  • Who is your station created to serve, specifically? If you answer, “advertisers,” you can stop reading here. Advertisers are the result of listening, not the source of it.


  • How is your station noticeably different — different in a better way — than all other stations your listeners can hear?


  • What do you say every time your mic is open that is worth remembering, that touches someone’s heart, that lightens someone’s burden, that eases someone’s grief, that inspires, that entertains, that is truly felt and not just heard?


  • When will you try? When will you try to make a personal connection with someone who listens for you rather than in spite of you? If you’re at a station that believes your voice is a tune-out, why are you still there?


  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will you be at this same station? Will you even be in radio?
  • Why? For what purpose?