Quantum Radio

Time = Relationships


Quantum mechanics fascinates me precisely because it is so unintuitive.

Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance” because it seems elementary particles can be separated by enormous distances yet remain somehow connected. An action on one here creates a reaction on the other even if light years away.

That is spooky.

At the quantum level, there is no difference between past, present and future. No cause and effect, only probabilities.

Only one thing matters in the quantum realm: how things relate to one another.

We can only solve the problem of time through sanctification of time… We must not forget that it is not a thing that lends significance to a moment; it is the moment that lends significance to things.” ~ Joshua Heschel

A moment can be very meaningful to me and be irrelevant to you. And, like quantum mechanics, when you look back on your life, all that matters are moments in relation to other things: to feelings, to values, to other people.*

You, as an air talent, should hope to connect at a deeper, more fundamental level than you’re attempting.

Your job, and your success, lies in your creation of moments listeners will not soon forget.

You can’t do that by reading liners and hoping not to offend anyone.

Dare to be great today!



*This post was inspired by, and taken from, a blog post by Eric Barker and you can find more to inspire you HERE.