11 Qualities of Successful People

How do you measure up?

One of the mysteries of consolidated radio is how we define those whom we label “successful.”

Earning million dollar bonuses for laying off hundreds or thousands of people doesn’t feel “successful” to me, especially since I know many of those who have lost their jobs to enrich those executives.

Doing more with less usually doesn’t apply to those select few in the corner offices, who continue to fly on their private jets and earn ever more in cash and options.

So, I was happy to see a list of the qualities of successful people that more closely aligns with my own sense of ethics. This says successful people all share the following common traits:

  • They are humble.
  • They are on time, for meetings, for projects, for everything.
  • They are deeply appreciative of what they have, a quality of gratitude which always seems to lead to more.
  • They are universally respectful, not just to those above, but to the lowliest on their company’s food chain.
  • They are not consumed by their work.
  • They sacrifice for the benefit of others. (When did you last see this in Radio?)
  • They are patient and tolerant.
  • They jump in when needed, without strings attached, regardless of who gets credit or bonuses.
  • They resolve conflict directly and honestly.
  • They respectfully push back when necessary. It’s easy to push back, but doing so with respect requires skill.
  • They trust their colleagues.

Unfortunately, this list was not written by a radio executive. It was written by a blogger I follow, Greg Hoy.

If you run a radio company, a cluster, or one station, you could do worse than printing this list and posting it on your door to keep yourself accountable and to offer an example to others.

The radio executives I know personally who most embody these qualities — John Coulter, Steve Keeney, Catherine Meloy, Steve Allan, Bob Wood, Charlie Ochs, Bob McNeil, Chuck Tweedle, Stan Mak, Allan Hotlen — are almost all out of our business now.

I’m sure you can add to my list, and if we can each do everything in our power to reflect these qualities, even in the face of the greed and dysfunction that surround us, it does honor to those mentors who helped show us the way.

And, if we are lucky, it may just inspire someone’s vision of success in their future.