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Putin’s Revenge

Putin’s Revenge

Frontline, tonight:


There’s been so much noise around the topic that most of us, on both sides, are missing the deeper point.

Putin’s Revenge, produced for Frontline on PBS, will help you understand what’s happening beneath the headlines.

And that is important. The geopolitics happening right now is very important.

We Americans (and western Europeans) have such short attention spans today.

We forget that others are more patient and have a much longer world view than our news networks ratings chasers.

The man now running Russia has been patiently plotting his revenge on the West for more than two decades.

He has already unleashed some of his weapons. More lie ahead.

Understanding what is happening, and why, may change the course of the 21st century.

We — Democracies — ignore him at our peril.

If you missed the first of this 2-part series, you can find it at the link in the beginning of this post.

Part 2 airs tonight on Frontline on your PBS station.