It’s so good!


I should have known before I’d seen episode 1 because I’ve loved just about everything aired under the Masterpiece Theater moniker:

I also should have seen the BBC as the originator.

“Press” is a 6-part mini-series airing on your local PBS station (in America) on Sunday nights.

I loved everything abut episode 1, which presents the reality facing “journalism” today to show the part we, as consumers, play in what has happened to “News” — both print and broadcast — over the past few decades. Like it or not, this is our business.

As always with BBC and PBS productions, the acting is uniformly stellar, and after only one episode I’m already invested in the major characters.

You can catch up on episode 1, which aired this past Sunday by making a donation.

I’ve been a supporter of PBS for decades because I love so many of the shows they produce: Masterpiece Theater (think Downton Abbey), Masterpiece Mystery, American Experience, Frontline (the best true journalism show in the US), NOVA (the best science show on television), Nature, POV. the Ken Burns documentaries, and on and on. It’s consistently the very best content on TV today.