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Pop Medley 2011

Pop Medley 2011

These guys are GREAT!

 YouTube has built and lit a stage on which anyone with a video camera can perform.

Most of what you see is completely unremarkable, or worse, a waste of your time.

But every once in a while, you see real talent…

Does your station offer any platform on which your local talent can perform?

You don’t have to be AAA, or Rock to expose the talent in your town, and that medley proves it.

Maybe you can provide a production room, or more sophisticated equipment than most young talent owns.

Maybe you have a video producer on your staff, who can help with the shooting or editing.

Maybe you can post videos on your website, and have a ‘battle of the bands’ competition, shining your huge spotlight to attract the crowd.

Whatever you do, however you jump in, I would. I wouldn’t just ignore this opportunity, or think that YouTube has preempted you, because there’s still the problem of millions of videos without any quality control. And, at the least, that’s something valuable you can provide.