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Radio and Pinterest

If your radio station hopes to deepen its relationships with women, you should pay attention to Pinterest.

We already know that women use social networking far more than men do, and they spend more time on the sites than men do as well.

The most recent numbers I’ve seen are almost a year old, and come from Google Ad Planner, but they say women make up 82% of active users on Pinterest.

Since women make 85% of all consumer purchases, and since “the average purchase off a pinboard nets more than double those off a wall post or tweet,” I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t care about this.

Even Ebay has changed its design to look more like Pinterest. This is real. It impacts real women.

You might start on your station’s web site’s home page. Compare it to Pinterest’s home page.

If that doesn’t spark a few thoughts about how you should change the way you interact with your female listeners online, call me.

I’ve never been shy about sharing my opinion…