Pay A Blogger Day



I didn’t create THIS, but I sure do support it…

I will gratefully accept all checks. Heck, I’ll accept cash and gift cards too.

Since the average amount paid per blogger averages out to $0.03, I’m not getting my hopes up.

The group behind this is Flattr.

Honestly, knowing the words resonate occasionally makes the effort worthwhile. I think most bloggers would agree.

But if you want to put a buck where your heart is, so to speak, the bloggers I subscribe to, the ones who consistently give me value for my time and attention, include:

Seth Godin (who probably doesn’t need the money)
James Cridland
Steve Allan
George Johns
Tom Asacker
Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo
Richard Harker’s Radio Insights
Edward Boches’ Creativity_Unbound

How about you? Share the blogs you value in the Comments sections below.