And suddenly unable to speak.


She had been interviewing New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees. He and his wife donated $5 million to help feed the New Orleans community which has been devastated by the Covid-19 virus.

I’m actually surprised we don’t see this more often:

We’re all on emotional overload right now.

Dealing with fear and loss, the stories of those who are trying their best to help, whether hospital workers or food delivery guys or private citizens, brings emotion we’re usually able to control to the surface.

I’ve never seen this before. But it happened.

And do you really think anyone will stop watching because Hoda broke down?

Do you think anyone will like her less, think less of her professionalism?

Real, authentic emotion is powerful. It’s viral. It’s cathartic.

Don’t hide what you’re feeling.

Don’t be ashamed of your tears.

We’re all coping with the unimaginable and your tears may actually help the rest of us release our own pent-up pain.

As this writer says in The Atlantic, Spare A Moment For Sorrow.


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