Outside The Bubble

The real America


I’ve got friends, good friends, who are as passionately pro-Trump as I am anti-Trump.

I’ve been reading books to try to understand how Trump became our President, and now I’ve found a TV show that may help.

If the name looks familiar, yes, she’s the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, but she’s on the same quest I’m on, trying to listen more than yell, trying to understand and humanize.

In one remarkable exchange, a fanatical supporter of the president tells Ms. Pelosi, without realizing exactly to whom he is speaking, that his ilk refer derisively to the far left as ‘Nancy Pelosi’s grandchildren.'”

“But, after the documentarian produces the actual grandchildren of Representative Pelosi for his perusal, he lowers his dukes and the unlikeliest of friendships is able to blossom.” (both quotes from Axios.com)

This airs beginning tonight on HBO. I’d love to know what you think after you watch it.