Opinions Wanted


Why did we need Comedy Central and HBO to prove that millions of people want strongly opinionated takes on current events?

Why did cable television have to prove that millions want deeper dives into difficult issues, much deeper than they can find on Fox or ABC TV?

Because that’s exactly what has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt: 4 million people every week!

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, on HBO, has featured topics like the amount of hidden sugar in our food, and net neutrality, and not in 30-second mentions either, but 15-minute discourses, for God’s sake. And 4 million people a week watch this!

Why wasn’t there a panel at the NAB talking about why not one hugely successful News/Talk radio station in America has attempted this, much less created it?

There’s tons of praise for stations like WTOP and KFI — and they do a good job, if you measure good in ratings — but why wouldn’t we expect radio stations of this caliber to lead, or at least — now, anyway — follow what is an obvious opportunity?

To show some imagination, take some risk, try to reach more than the traditional 60+ listeners that NT radio typically attracts?

To create such great content that it is shared and re-shared on YouTube?

Why is our opinion of the audience’s intelligence and willingness to engage in complex issues so limited and unimaginative?

Why are our expectations of Radio so low?

Why do we expect so little of ourselves?

It’s embarrassing.