Only Me and You

Two lives, forever changed

Who could have known?

We had “dated” for only 5 weeks and members of our own wedding party had a pool going for how long we’d last.

We’ve weathered storms; our son was desperately ill when, at only 22 months, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a disease neither of us knew anything about, a disease that would change so much of all of our lives.

We’ve suffered loss, both Shannon’s father and mother, and then three years ago today, her only brother.

We’ve buried friends we love, and the sons of friends we love.

We’ve shared joy. We’ve traveled the world together: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Monaco, Belgium, Holland, England and Canada — and we hope to visit a lot more.

We’ve encouraged each other when obstacles seemed insurmountable.

We’ve celebrated each victory won, together.

We’ve dreamt the same dream; we’ve helped each other live an individual dream.

We’ve held each other when life seemed fragile, held on tight when hope seemed lost.

No one tells you it gets better the longer you’re together. It does.

Love isn’t like a resevoir. You’ll never drain it dry. It’s much more like a natural spring. The longer and the farther it flows, the stronger and the deeper and the clearer it becomes.” ~ Eddie Cantor

So, on this, the 33rd anniversary of our wedding, I want everyone who knows me to know my love for Shannon, the inexpressible gratitude I feel every day for her presence in my life.

I love you, Shannie!

Only you know how,
to hear me through the silence.
You reach a part of me,
that no one else can see,
forever true,
there’s only me and only you
Only me and you.”