On The Other Side of Fear

If you can get there, you’ll find…


Creativity is a realm where I’ve always felt free. It’s always been my playground, and I see so much pain in the world around it, and so much suffering.”

“With Big Magic, I felt like, god, can I help you get on the other side of all these fears and obstacles? I would love to, because, if you can, you’re going to have so much more fun. It’s just helping people get on the other side of fear, which is always the thing that stops creativity. Only always.

That’s the voice of Elizabeth Gilbert.

I’m a big fan, and Big Magic is definitely worth your time if you’re a creative.

I also loved City of Girls, which is completely different from her other books.

Her most salient point in this quote is that fear is always the thing that stops creativity.

I’ve seen that inside radio stations more times than I care to count. Perhaps you have too.

You can read the interview with Elizabeth Gilbert in Buzzfeed HERE.

You can find her books HERE.

And once our lives are back to whatever normal looks like — and it feels like that’s starting to happen — when you get a chance to see her speak in person, take it.

My friend, Andrew Ashwood, who died way too young of pancreatic cancer, always ended our conversations with “Dare to be great!”

So I leave that with you today.

Fear not, for you are called to be great.