On Being Creative

Lesson from a master…

Some of the best radio I hear in America is on public radio stations.

The national talent on NPR is really strong, but I’m talking about the talent on your local public station.

They’re literate, for starters. They’re uniformly intelligent and well educated.

They not only understand the power of story-telling, many of them do it every show every day, and do it well.

The best of them, some of whom I hear daily on Colorado Public Radio, do it — as you would have to — on a music station, where their content has to be edited for brevity and have some connection to a piece of music.

Why should public radio be producing some of the most interesting content in each city?

For starters, they try to — it’s part of the expectation when they’re hired.

And, the best of them have paid their dues. They’ve tried, and failed, and kept on trying. They’ve learned what works.

This is good advice…