On Behalf of a Grateful Nation

Veteran’s Day

“Thank you” never seems enough, does it?

But it’s a start.

This is Pearl Harbor survivor, Houston James of Dallas, overcome with emotion as he embraces Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke Jr., who lost a hand, leg and eye while defusing a bomb in Iraq in July of 2004.

Veterans Day2

(Photo is by Jim Mahoney of the Dallas Morning News.)

We need a day of remembrance for so much sacrifice.

Faithful to the end, this dog refused to leave after the honor guard that brought his master’s body home placed it in his small town high school auditorium. And so he lay down next to his coffin, stayed through the long, lonely night and during the funeral service.

“Thank you for your service and sacrifice” isn’t nearly enough.

Veterans Day

When’s the last time you visited a VA hospital?

Maybe today would be a good day to go.