Of Course He Did

Born to be a hero?


We can’t know how we would respond until we actually face it, and I pray we never do.

But every single family member and friend who knew him expressed zero surprise that he acted as he did.

As soon as we heard, we thought — of course he did, of course he did…”

It’s almost a daily occurrence in America, and there is no sign our divided country will find a way to stop it any time soon.

But unless it happens in our town, I don’t hear much about it on the radio. And I think Riley’s story should’ve been on every station in America. Should be today.

I don’t want to hear the names of shooters.

I want to hear about the heroes who are increasingly fighting back.

I want to hear about their selflessness, their courage.

I think it’s important we share their stories widely. I think it’s important we remember our shared humanity in the face of so much senseless hatred and violence.

We are all going to die. It’s the one inescapable reality every human being faces.

Thank God for the willingness of so many to die for a reason if die they must.

Thank God for the inspiration of heroes like Riley Howell, and God, please comfort his family and friends as we all mourn his death.



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