O, The Magazine

A gift a day in the month of May

Ok, I admit it.

I read O, the Oprah Magazine, and have for years. 10 years actually, since the very first issue, and you should too.

In the current issue, May’s 10th anniversary issue (not yet available online, so this is not the actual cover), she does the simplest thing, something she probably remembers from her time in radio.

She has a 2-page spread listing a daily prize she is offering.

A prize a day for the month of May. Buy the May issue and check it out.

Now, come on people, there is absolutely NO reason you can’t do this on your web site.

You’ve probably got more cume than this magazine has circulation, and this is a great way to get repeat traffic to your web site.

It’s value-added for your clients, and if you can train your sales team to be selective, value-added for your listeners too.


This doesn’t need a big prize budget, just some thoughtfulness, pre-planning and responsiveness from your web master.

If you’re not thinking of listeners using your station online, whether that’s on a laptop at home, or an iPad or iPhone, you’re missing chances like this one to offer an enriched experience with your station.

And think about everything you can learn from those who enter for each day’s specific prize.

It’s frustrating this is not already happening…