Now THIS is Talent!

Personal and vulnerable in one package

I love so many things about this…just watch, and then I’ll share:

Jimmy Kimmel, as you may know, started in Radio.

It takes courage to cry in front of millions, to bare your heart for all to see.

It takes wisdom to understand the effectiveness of self-deprecation.

It takes talent to achieve unity on anything divisive and even more to point out humanity in the toxic pool of our politics.

And it’s a very rare talent, indeed, to be able to make us laugh and cry in the same “bit.”

Human connection.

That’s what we’re trying to do, isn’t it? That’s why you wanted to be on the air.

If you want more, the key is to be willing to share such intimate and personal parts of your life, and to trust your audience enough to be authentic, even if that means tears.