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Not Pulling Punches

Not Pulling Punches

Now this is a quote

I’m sick of hearing how far we’ve come. I’m sick of hearing how in some cases women are superseding men, progressing to positions of middle and upper management. Above all, I’m sick of hearing about the pipeline, about the path to the top supposedly thick with women who will, in the fullness of time, be rewarded for their patience and virtue.

The following figures speak for themselves: 3% of Fortune 500 companies are headed by women; 16.8% of members of the US Congress are women; 7% of tenured engineering faculty in 4-year institutions are women.

The fact is that so far as leadership is concerned, women in nearly every realm are hardly any better off than they were a generation ago.

That’s Barbara Kellerman, in the Harvard Business Review, and she’s right, of course.

The facts speak for themselves. So, what will you do to help bring about change?