Normal Times

Remember them?


Too relevant not to pass along to you: From the Do Lectures



Normal times, remember them?

Was it only last month?

But, if I try and find a positive, this virus has reminded us of the important things in life.

It has taught us how vulnerable we are.

How to not take anything for granted.

It has taught us how everybody and everything is connected to each other.

And how much we all need each other.

It is acting like one giant pause button, and getting us to reflect on our collective treadmills.

There will be good to come out of tough times.

It might not always feel like it, but we are hard-wired to help each other.

Communities will come together.

Amazing people will work out how to help others.

The human spirit will shine through.

I just got off the phone to James Sills. This week he started the Sofa Singers.

He wanted to bring people together through singing.

Last night he was on BBC 1 news.

This weekend he will be in almost every newspaper.

And he only started it so he could bring people together when they couldn’t come together.

Like I said, amazing people will work out how to help others.

Stay safe.

Now go wash your hands.

Elbow bumps to everyone.


P.S. We will launch live streaming dates for our workshops next week.



Spread hope today, ok? There’s always a need for more.