No Weakness

High Praise

In an article about Apple and Steve Jobs, I found this great quote:

This is a really crack team that bonded with each other in toughness. I mean, you can point to every member of that team and say, ‘Okay, he earned his pay, he earned his pay, he earned his pay.’ There’s no weakness in that team.”

You know who said that?

Bill Gates.

How about your team at your station?

Can your main competitor look at every position and say, ‘Okay she earned her pay, he earned his pay, even that weekend talent earned their pay’?

Part of the reason Apple is the best known brand in the world, and arguably the most successful, is that Jobs built killer teams and ruthlessly weeded out employees who weren’t the best at what they do.

Do you hire the very best?
Do you set the bar so high in every air shift that mediocrity is never tolerated?
Have you worked to make your staff a team, a real team?

If you don’t demand the best, how do you think you’ll ever hear it?