No Way, Dude!

Worse than a goldfish??


Human attention is dwindling, for everything, including you and your content on-air.

You need to almost literally reach through the speaker and grab her by the ears within 5-8 seconds after the end of that song.

Think about that.

That just took longer than her attention span for what you’re saying.

Better choose those first words you utter carefully, or she’s already gone.

Don’t believe me. Check THIS out …

Look, I’m not advocating for less content from your talent. I’m advocating for making that content, especially those first few seconds, meaningful to the listener.

We have to say something she cares about hearing or we’ve lost her, even if she doesn’t tune to another station. She’s no longer really listening, only hearing. You’re mixed in with all the other background noise around her.

I know there are programmers, VP’s of Programming, and consultants who would be satisfied with losing her attention as long as they got credit for her hearing in PPM.

Not me. And hopefully, not you.

If we consistently say stuff that doesn’t command attention, she’ll learn there’s no reason to ever pay close attention to what is said on your station, but the opposite is also true.

If you consistently entertain her, or use words about topics that really interest her in those first 7-8 seconds, you’ve got her attention.

That’s the real goal if you hope to bond with someone, if you hope to make a difference in her day, perhaps in her life.

So craft your words carefully, deliberately.

You’ve got 8 seconds…