No Streaming

No wonder

Adele’s new album was released Friday.

The only place you could hear all of it, every second of every song, would have been on radio because Adele refused to allow Pandora and Spotify to stream it.

Years ago, maybe decades ago, when new music was released from major stars, radio stations would track the entire thing.

We would promote when it was going to air, and then just let ‘er rip.

I’m wondering if any radio station did that Friday…

and I’m thinking, Not.

Sad, because it would’ve reinforced the reason to listen to radio for music again. It would’ve reminded listeners that radio has always been the free source of great music.

But maybe sticking to format Friday night seemed important because we all know how many stations feature great live talent after 7pm.

And Saturday, you might’ve had to preempt a “Best of” the syndicated morning show you’re forced to carry on weekends.

So much easier to just lay low and hope no one notices you because this would’ve been radical. You might’ve been criticized, second-guessed, disciplined!

Ahh, well, she’s only the biggest music artist in the world releasing the most anticipated new music in decades.

No big deal.

Back to liners…