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Nicholas The Sweep

Nicholas The Sweep



Sainsbury, known for their Christmas adverts in Europe, spared no expense this year:

But just spending a lot of money to make the ad doesn’t mean it hits the mark.

Throughout the UK and across Europe, millions of people literally can’t wait to see the annual new Christmas ad for John Lewis.

I’ve loved their Christmas ads over the years. Last year’s, which millions of us could not watch enough, featured Elton John. You can see it HERE. (Get your kleenex)

But this year, despite spending 7 million pounds on the ad, it just didn’t do it for me – and not for millions of Brits either as this story explains. Here it is:

Compare that to this one, from Wales, which cost only 100 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly: 100 pounds.

Authentic human connection is the key. Money can’t buy that. It has to be built within the idea, don’t you think?