Myxer Social Radio

A new app…


Once again, someone outside the “radio box” finds a way to look at radio with new eyes.

While we’re huddling over Selector screens, voice-tracking entire stations and red-lining items on our ever-shrinking budgets, those outside our business are thinking as listeners.

They’re thinking of ways to enhance the experience of listening to music.

They call their app Myxer Social Radio.

Here, watch…

Take a quick tour around radio web sites. Pick any station, any market.

Do you see anything there that enhances the experience of listening to any broadcast radio station?

Do you see any station letting listeners vote on the songs they hear? Anyone hosting live chat, or doing anything else to create a sense of a listening community?

This technology isn’t new.

We, as an industry, are firing hundreds of employees, desperate to cut expense, pushing the remaining few to focus intently on tiny, incremental improvements to our buggy whips, ignoring the new cars flying by us.