My Mother’s Final Wish

The universal human experience

I so connect to this talk. My mother would’ve chosen death with dignity if she could have. She had dementia so did not qualify. Sometimes, when I would visit, she would ask me if I would let her jump off the roof, or leap from her 3rd floor window.

I always said, “Yes” but by that time she could no longer walk, much less leap or jump.

Most of us consider it inhumane to let our dogs or cats suffer pointlessly yet we have to watch the family members we love linger, sometimes for years, in pain, or having lost the person they once were due to dementia.

I can’t believe this is God’s wish.


However, I can believe it is God’s wish that we help those suffering because of Putin’s War in Ukraine. Visit Mercy Corps today and if you’re moved to contribute, any amount will help.