My Mom

Love, revealed…


My mom lives in an Alzheimer’s care home, and everyone working there is special, but I specifically want to recognize her primary care-giver, Daniel.

Daniel is a Christian minister from Ethiopia who now works full time caring for people, like my mom, with dementia.

He and his family had to seek asylum here because they are Christians and they were in real danger of being killed because of their faith in their homeland.

As I told him 3 weeks ago, I consider him part of our family now, and will forever.

That’s because he treats my mother as if she were his own.

The acts of kindness and love he provides her every day are humbling. I am often reduced to tears when I see his tenderness and concern.

Today is World Kindness Day.

I hope you will join me today in finding someone who simply needs the hand of human kindness extended, who needs a concrete example of their humanity, despite their current circumstance.

I don’t believe it’s coincidental that Daniel arrived at the facility, my mother’s home, when he did.

I don’t often understand how or why grace reveals itself, but in this instance, a man of God soothes my mother’s anxieties and fears, and reminds her of God’s presence every minute of her day.

Christian kindness.

We could use more of it in our world.

Meet Daniel, my younger brother from another mother: