My Idea Is Better Than Yours

It’s a problem


Ok, first check out THIS ARTICLE. I’ll wait…

Isn’t this a problem in consolidated Radio?

It’s all top-down, partly because it makes the job easier for the regional and national execs within a company. But also because they have a natural bias to believe their own ideas, their own solutions, are better than any other, especially from those at the station level.

After all, if those employees were so brilliant why would they still be at the station level?

A vicious, incestuous cycle that’s brought us to where we find ourselves today.

Still cutting talent, as if talent was keeping Radio from making more money.

Still doing the same “Best Variety,” “Most Music,” “Fewest Interruptions,” branding despite overwhelming evidence that it doesn’t work, these words are not heard.

Still producing cookie-cutter formats, now delivered without any attempt at local involvement and content, because its cheaper, more efficient.

Egads, I’m tired of trying to make rich guys richer by opening their freaking eyes and minds to the concept that they may not know it all, that there really may be another, better, way.