Music & Memories

Why does music evoke memories?


It’s like magic, really. Wondrous. Amazingly powerful.

Music automatically registers on an emotional level.

If you’re interested in the science behind the effect music has on any listener, click HERE.

Those suffering from dementia may not know their own name, nor recognize their spouse or children, but play an old song they knew, and they start singing, every word.

Remember jingles? The WLS jingle?

At one time, radio jingles were not just used as bridges; they were used to make call letters memorable, something PPM has rendered much less important, and so with budget cuts…well, you know how that sentence ends.

Just a reminder that certain songs, in particular, bring on a flood of emotions and memories, and you would be wise to connect your identity with those memories. Burn it in, so the link is always there.

And do your best, as an air talent, to match your content with the emotion within the song.

Resonance is what it’s called, and it makes your job of personal connection easier.

Oh, and it might be worth checking this one out on Netflix