Music & Memories



Music allows us to access memories that may have been buried for decades.
I’ve seen dementia patients who can’t remember their own family members but who can sing every word of that Nat King Cole song they grew up with.
Most of us fell in love to the accompaniment of music. That one special song that instantly brings back the giddy sense of the breathlessness of new love. And young love is connected to those songs you’re playing today.
Many of us heal our mourning hearts with music, songs that were special to those we’ve lost, songs that express our love in ways we never found the words for.
In our hearts and in our memories the most important scenes in our lives are set to music.
In every scene that makes us cry when watching that special movie, we hear music.
Music triggers tears and smiles and hopes. It takes us on an inward journey we could not manage without the mood music creates.
And you get to use it every day for those that listen to you.
Make it special. Make it memorable.
Become a part of the lives that music is touching by using words worth hearing, by matching tone and pacing with the mood that song is helping form.
You have an incredible, proven advantage: every song you play is another opportunity to work your way into an open or broken heart.