Mr. Tanner

Do you know him?


Do you trust me enough to just listen for 5 minutes?


Harry Chapin told stories in his songs. “Taxi” or “Cat’s in the Cradle” were probably his best-known songs. I recall seeing some famous child actor break down on TV when talking about “Cat’s in the Cradle.”

Harry died far too young in an horrific car accident years ago, but his songs live on.

You see, Chapin’s stories moved people.

And this one you just heard has always been one that moved me because it is so, so sad.

It’s a reminder that criticism hurts those of us who dare attempt a life on stage, and radio is your stage.

I hope it never defeats you the way it did Mr. Tanner.

I hope that the joy of sharing your story, your life, day after day never dims.

And if I have inadvertently damaged someone by being too blunt or too busy to notice the effect my words were having on you, please forgive me.

I want you always to sing your song.