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Most Shared Ads of 2015

Most Shared Ads of 2015

Can you guess?

Unruly released its list of the most shared ads this year — not the most viewed, the most shared.

Number one?

That’s been shared more than 6.4 times since February.

Disney spreading delight in a local mall is ranked #2 with almost 4 million shares.

#3 was an online-only campaign, but it was so successful — with over 3 million shares — that it has become a series.

The most popular game in the world is soccer so it’s not surprising the game’s biggest star has an ad ranked at #4.

And you had to know this one would rank high…

At #5, with over 2.8 million shares, Budweiser’s adorable puppy. Considering this ad was given huge exposure on broadcast TV, that’s a remarkable number.

You can find the entire list of the 20 most shared ads of the year HERE.

And this should give you insight into the kinds of content your listeners love.

When you make them feel, they spread your message for you.