Morning Radio Revisited

A special offer…

 You can’t work in our business and not know how many of our friends and colleagues are hurting.

My friend, Tracy Johnson, who was a great programmer — one of the few who also went on to be a great General Manager — knows a lot about winning morning shows.

He wrote a book, Morning Radio Revisited, that draws upon his experience coaching and leading some of the best morning shows and he’s offering it at a reduced price just in time for Christmas.

The truth is, it just might help someone you know, someone who could use a refresher course, or just some encouragement. It will be helpful to all air talent, no matter what shfit they can get.

Does selling more copies of his book help Tracy? Of course.

But I’ve read this book, and I know it’s really useful.

So, if you want to encourage someone you know who’s on the beach, or just need a stocking stuffer for your favorite air talent, you can find the special promotional rate by clicking HERE.