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More Than a Gift

More Than a Gift

I think you’ll love it.


I can report to you that it is perhaps the most anticipated advert of the year in the UK and many parts of Europe: the John Lewis Christmas ad.

Look, they’re not selling pianos here; they’re selling connection, a feeling.

The first time I saw Elton John perform was in the spring of 1971 in Dallas, Texas. He was opening for Yes, and the band that did a 3-song set before Elton? The Eagles.

I’m pretty sure the ticket cost less than $25.

At that time, Elton’s only hit was “Your Song” so you can imagine how surprised we all were when he came out in huge glasses and platform shoes and rocked out for half an hour, before finishing with his one hit.

Thanks for the memory, John Lewis, and thanks for making me feel…