Are You A Moral Relativist?

Take the 10-second test…

My son got his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from USC so it’s possible this is interesting to me because of an abnormal gene. Trust me, it’s not my only one.

Do you think you’re a moral relativist?

These days, it’s a term of disparagement. In essence, a moral relativist believes there is no single answer to a particular moral problem. You can get a more in-depth look at it on this Stanford University site.

What’s interesting today is that there’s a really simple and quick test to tell you whether you’re a moral relativist.

In essence, this is it:

Imagine there are 5 blocks in a stack. In this stack, the second block from the top is green and the fourth is not green. Is a green block definitely on top of a non-green block?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot be determined from the information given.

    That’s it. Answer this question and see what it means HERE.

    I admit I was surprised at what my answer says about me.


    It turns out the answer also says a lot about how you analyze problems and so may be a predictor, of sorts, about how you work, and in what role you’re best cast.