I love you!

Mom 9114

She instilled in me her love for words and books and reading.

She gave to me my love for music and live theater.

She shared her love for laughter and encouraged my love of animals of every sort. Which other mother would rescue a baby otter from certain death on a moonless night and a busy road in Malaysia and let me raise it?

She taught me about courage and the selflessness that allowed her to accept someone else’s dream as her own, until it became her own.

She taught me persistence and the value of faith.

She taught me about unconditional acceptance and love.

She sacrificed for me. She worried about me, probably still does.

She supported me through rebellion and self-righteousness.

She is my mom, trapped inside a body that can’t do what she wants and a mind that is seeping memories every day.

And I love her with all my heart.

ps. and she would find this funny…

Mother’s Day