Mobile Marketing Ain’t Happenin’

The next “next big thing”


According to the Mobile Marketing report from Borell Associates, ads on cell phones will reach dominant penetration levels faster than any other medium in history.

But doesn’t this miss the whole point?

The point is, advertising is not welcomed by anyone, anywhere in America anymore.

The point is that interrupting me on my iPhone to sell me stuff I don’t care about isn’t going to make my any more receptive to your products than the ads I skip now on TV or the radio.

It doesn’t matter if they’re coupons. Coupons aren’t a magic bullet if they’re for something I don’t want.

The kind of mobile coupons I want are the kind where I hold my cell phone up to the scanner and it automatically gives me the lowest price available in my city on every item I just bought.

I don’t want to be assaulted by text messages from every retailer I walk past, or have coupons hit my phone every time I walk into a store. That’s spam, and it makes me dislike the advertiser and his/her product.

That’s why ‘DO NOT CALL’ lists were created, and why Caller ID is so popular.

I want a guarantee of the lowest possible price on stuff when I am buying it, not one minute before and not for stuff I don’t want to buy.

Let me know when you can do that.

Until then, don’t call me.