Mike & Mike Want Your Listeners

Check this out

Disclaimer: I love Mike & Mike, the morning team on ESPN Radio, because I like Sports Talk, and these two guys are really good. So when I listen for my own pleasure, at home, walking my dog in the morning, I listen to Mike & Mike.

They’re funny, they’ve got great guests, and unlike most local sports talk hosts, they talk mostly about sports. They don’t talk about their weekend cook-out, or their mortgages — they talk about the games we all watched last night, and they’ve got takes on the plays we all saw.

They’re entertaining, but it’s a sports talk show, so it’s not a threat to your show, right?

Well…not so fast, Kemo Sabe…

Go to ESPN.com and listen to the Best of Mike of Mike from June 25. I think you can find it HERE if the link still works. (If you want to hear it, go to about minute 43:13 into the podcast)

They had a bit on this show where some musicologist identified the “Top 10 Catchiest Songs of All Time,” which they immediately challenged, and which immediately drew listener reaction on Twitter.

But wait. You thought I said they talk about sports and that’s the reason I like them, which is true. But they’re smart enough to seize an opportunity for great content when they see it, even if it’s not sports. This was the only non-sports segment of their show, but it was brilliant.

The Top 10 Catchiest Songs Of All Time is a great topic because everyone has an opinion and that led to some great, fun, engaging content.

Look, that’s a great bit for any music station.

That’s a great bit for your station.

So, did it run on your station?

Still think Mike & Mike don’t want at least some of your listeners?

If they found this content, you can too. You compete with everyone today, not just the stations in your format, not just the stations in your market, not just stations on-air.

Worth remembering…