Microsoft Goes Viral

with HoloLens

More and more companies are using the reach of YouTube to introduce and sell their products.

No longer forced into boxes the media built, which are offered almost exclusively in three sizes: -15 seconds, -30 seconds, and -60 seconds, the goal changes as the audience does.


MicroSoft garnered over 12 million views with 48 hours of this spot’s introduction on YouTube. It’s stunning how fast news like this can spread worldwide.

They didn’t spare money on production. The goal is to produce something stunning and entertaining enough to have you and I want to share it with our friends.

They’re not pushing this at a disinterested mass of television viewers who will probably zap through it anyway. They’re aiming directly at techies, at early adopters, at the very people most likely to want this and buy it.

I’m still surprised that Radio doesn’t use this approach to ramp up marketing. I’m surprised that every station doesn’t have a Chief Video Producer on its staff.

I know, it’s about money — about not spending money.

But it sure feels like we’re wasting an opportunity.